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Manfredi Levine


Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends of Manfredi, Levine, Eccles, Miller & Lanson law firm:


As we all cope with the current challenging circumstances and do our part to contribute to the effort to contain and avoid harmful impact from the Covid-19 virus, we want to extend our wishes that everyone be and remain healthy and safe. As we are all by now aware, various “stay at home orders” have been issued on state, county and municipal levels in Southern California, which affect us all.  We recognize that these important protective measures present unique personal and professional challenges, and create uncertainties including as to certain legal issues.


We want you assure  you that our attorneys are working, available, and are prepared to assist you with a wide range of real estate and business related legal issues, including issues that are affected by the existence of COVID-19:


  • Landlord/Tenant law – whether a commercial tenant qualifies as an “essential” business or service; rights and limitations of landlords and tenants concerning potential evictions, rights and responsibilities concerning common area work and maintenance, lease renewals and cancellations, habitability issues during lockdown orders.


  • Contract rights – contractual breaches; analysis of whether COVID-19 permits suspension or cancellation of your contract under a “force majeure” clause; understanding risk allocation provisions in the contract; supply chain disruptions;


  • Corporate matters – remote corporate governance; emergency procedures under your bylaws and other governing documents; crisis management issues; corporate succession planning; impact of COVID-19 on pending mergers and acquisitions; risk management; nonprofit formation in response to COVID-19;


  • Collections – commercial collections for unpaid bills;


  • Personal Injury - Whether you are dealing with an automobile accident, a dog bite, slip and fall, bicycle accident, or motorcycle accident, we can assist you in securing proper medical care and making certain that you are adequately compensated for your injuries.


  • Litigation matters – all ongoing and new litigation matters, including real estate, corporate, partnership, HOA disputes, landlord/tenant matters, personal injuries, employment, contract disputes.


To ensure your access to these critical legal services, we have fully implemented remote working. You can connect with us in any of the following ways:


  • Call our main telephone line at 805-379-1919


  • Email an attorney (see individual's email address below, or go to our firm directory)


               Sam Manfredi           


               Ron Levine                


               Matthew Eccles         


               Mark Miller                


               Don Lanson               


               David Hadek             


               Peter Krupinsky       


               Will Lieb                     




  • Schedule a video conference directly with an attorney (see our firm directory)

Please stay safe and contact us if you have any questions.


The ManfrediLevine Team

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